To define the word ‘brand’ we can say that it is a unique idea of a product or service that is recognized instantly, has consistency in its associations, and with a powerful emotional connection and high value return that is strongly imprinted in the consumer’s mind. Therefore, companies should not just depend on building their brand through advertising; they have to perform a thorough brand makeover to be able to maintain their market position and increase their profit margins. Our team of experts combines qualitative and quantitative methods with extensive experience to help our clients establish and manage their unique brands. We cooperate with our clients in identifying the advantages and lessons learned that make a brand tangible, exceptional and significant to customers. Furthermore, we develop strategies that distinguish our client’s brands in relation to their competitors with regard to market positioning.  


To achieve the above strategies, we help our clients in setting forth a plan that determines our client’s brand position and profit share in the market in relation to other major brand names. In addition, we provide our clients with the necessary tools that would enable them to relate the acquired knowledge of their brand position to better manage their brand file. These include steps starting from strategy development all the way to necessary calculated allotment of resources. If these measures are applied professionally to an even stronger brand that is mixed with efficient marketing strategies, this will result in a highly competitive product.


We deliver:

  •  Qualitative and quantitative methods to help in creating and managing distinctive brands.

  •  New strategies that help in the repositioning of the brand in the market.

  •  New brand identities according to market fragmentation that will lead to achieving an increase  in profits.

  •  A plan that identifies our clients brand position and profit margin in the market amongst their  competitors.

  •  Necessary tools to enable our client to better manage their brand through the acquired  knowledge of their  position in the market