Due Diligence


Due diligence is the method by which our consultants provide their input to our clients regarding making a sound investment, they assess performance, improvement possibilities and also provide a post-acquisition timeline. This expert advice allows organizations to assess the situation and guides their decisions regarding the most suitable time whether or not to proceed with an investment. Our knowledge and experience permits us to assist our clients in quickly creating a precise assessment of major performance issues related to their line of business, in addition to possible exit solutions. The assessment procedures are not only performed on the external relationships of the proposed investments, but in addition, we also perform an extensive internal assessment where we review management performance and inter-relations, customer data-base, human resources and operations.


We can and want to be involved in all steps along the way; so we bring our incentives into line with the goals set by our clients, so they can tangibly feel our involvement. Finally, we produce a comprehensive due diligence report that includes the accomplishment of data room reviews, interviews, walkthroughs and analysis that are supported by verifiable references, and guided by appropriate standards and regulations in addition to guiding steps on how to handle key risks and control gaps.


We deliver:

  • An intense external and internal assessment of set target’s performance as a whole.

  • Guidance on decisions to be taken by investors regarding proposed investment opportunities.

  • Methods for identifying, initiating and evaluating transactions by becoming involved in both the buying and selling aspects of the investment opportunity.

  • A conclusive report that includes steps taken and confirmable references, in addition to guiding steps on methods to handle major risks and control gaps in relation to the proposed investment