Global Sales Development


With renewable energy opportunities expanding across the globe, it yields opportunities for companies to penetrate new markets. With this, existing sales teams with a strong marketing approach can aid the approach to the region. We have experts within MENA, Europe and the United States within the public and private sector to aid in intercontinental expansion from a global sales development approach to the region. Our sales experts and contacts can help a company to gain market study and grow with a strong growth strategy to capitalize on emerging opportunities within the renewables industry.


We deliver:

  • New tools with which sales team leaders are able to change around the performance of their sales teams to succeed in closing deals.

  • Custom-made strategies and implementation methods that are applied across the board.

  • Rapid intervention methods to achieve sales transformations focusing on design, implementation and capacity building opportunities.

  • Existing resources within the MENA, Europe and United States to aid companies in establishing important relationships in the regions.