IT Management


IT Management is playing an increasingly crucial role in the implementation and maintenance of crucial business functions such as ERP and CRM. These systems are the backbone of all successful profit-based organizations, irrespective of size or magnitude of their operations. ERP for instance, is responsible for integrating businesses processes throughout a variety of pivotal business deliverables, like the supply chain, channel distribution etc. Therefore, the information infrastructure that governs these functions become exponentially important - rather decisive for the business outcome. Things can go wrong very quickly if IT and information security gets compromised, and large volumes of data may be lost. TANGIBLE understands why this is happening. We know that businesses are operating under increasingly dynamic external influences, not the least of which is, the evolution of technology and the adoption of new business tools and standards. We have therefore formulated our IT services while addressing this dynamism in the current business environment. TANGIBLE provides comprehensive IT solutions to its clients that secure these crucial business functions, using the following delivered tools and practices. 

We deliver:

  • IT System integration

  • IT Diagnostics

  • IT Cost Management

  • IT Capability Management

IT Infrastructure Management

  • IT Governance Design