Merger & Acquisition


TANGIBLE consultants offer advice for both buy and sell sides of merger & acquisition transactions across the various phases of the process. Our experts provide our clients with an investment hypothesis of how a prospective merger or acquisition can generate revenue. They experiment with their ideas and mainly concentrate on the major components that will lead to the successful final closure of the deal. We advice for the acquirer across each phase of the process, right from identifying potential acquisition targets and recommending best fit to recommending the best strategy for and negotiating the deal.


We deliver : 

  •  Exhaustive assessment, especially of the feasibility of the merger and the synergies expected

  •  Appraisal and due diligence activities for the concerned entities, including individual  assessment and valuation of each company

  •  An investment proposition on how prospective acquisitions may/will generate revenue.

  •  Ensuring financial integration, including all post-merger integration activities and  assessments. This includes adoption of the new organisational structure and systems