Strategy Implementation

Companies undertake strategy implementation programs as a structured method to convert strategic goals into managed changes and ensure that the intent and objectives of the strategy are achieved. Strategy execution is a systematic means of exposing reality and then acting upon it. It’s common knowledge that the heart of execution lies within people, strategy and operations- the three basic governing factors. Optimal performance requires a high degree of strategic alignment. Strategic planning provides the vision, direction and goals for the organization, and the implementation of strategy is of great importance.  


Our Strategy Implementation services bridge the gap between your business strategy and its effective implementation. We achieve this by aligning critical business processes and expected outcomes. The objective is to define the specific projects, resources and actions required to achieve a defined strategy. Structured, measurable changes are defined with clear association to the benefits intended by strategy. TANGIBLE has practical models for strategy execution that will be of great value for your organization. Formal strategy execution – supported by proven value engineering methods – provides greater confidence in achieving results. TANGIBLE offers an effective strategy execution solution, with demonstrated impact on our customers’ bottom line.

We deliver :

  • Faster realization, from strategy to tangible results results

  • More effective implementation of change, clarifying how strategic change affects the organization

  • Improved measurement of progress, with a clear alignment with the objectives

  • Improved transparency, buy-in and commitment from internal and external stakeholders

  • Management based on consistent and transparent planning and performance metrics