Technical Audits


The vendors and suppliers of a company’s product directly influence the quality of the recipient’s product. Vendor assessment and technical audit services assess the ability of a company’s supplier or vendor to work within regulatory compliance. Because vendors are often located off-site, verifying the ability to perform as needed is quite difficult.


Our experts in the oil & gas industry ensure that quality is met on time and budget by assessing and ensuring the premises or construction site. We analyze the capability of vendors or suppliers to deliver specific orders and ensure suppliers meet all relevant statutory regulations and quality standards. Our experts help your company maximize effective decision on vendors through technical audits to improve the performance the quality of your production.


We Deliver:

  • Assessment of current and projected workload and equipment capabilities.

  • Analysis of material and product control processes.

  • Management structure analysis and quality management system consideration.

  • Quality assurance auditing from production to handling, storage and delivery.